Welcome to AlexBuz!


This is just a collection of some fun projects that I've worked on :)

Games & Puzzles


Features an AI that plays Minesweeper optimally.

Tic-Tac-Toe (New, Old)

New Version: Powered by the minimax algorithm. Plays perfectly, always making the optimal move. Features 3 game modes (play to win, play to lose, play to draw).

Old Version: Powered by countless painstakingly written if statements that happen to render it unbeatable, but in a very primitive and unsatisfying way.


Powered by the minimax algorithm. Plays chopsticks optimally.

Flappy Circle

Flappy Bird, but with a circle.

Conway's Game of Life

My implementation of Conway's Game of Life.


Numerical Integrator

Uses left Riemann sums to numerically approximate integrals.

System of Equations Solver

Solves linear systems in which the number of unknowns is equal to the number of equations.

Digits of π

100,000 digits of π, formatted to aid in memorization. After experimenting with different layouts, I have settled on this as my favorite. So far, I've used this digit layout to memorize over 700 digits. The idea is that you stare at some digits and recite them in in your head until you can do so without looking at the screen. Repeat and you can memorize as many digits as you want.


iOS 9.2 - 9.3.3 Jailbreak

Improved from Luca Todesco's jbme. Automatically retries upon failure. No user interaction necessary.

Note: This site is under construction, and some links are not functional. This will be fixed soon, and many more projects will be added as well.